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The Kalomenidis company, in the last 40 years, has achieved an impressive course, which has allowed it to establish itself in one of the leading positions in Northern Greece. In all these years of its activity, it actively participates in the developments with integrated high aesthetic decoration proposals. Many years of experience, knowledge, as well as successful collaborations with experienced decorators, earned the reputation enjoyed by the Kalomenidis company among the consumer public.

The objective of the Kalomenidis company is to be constantly updated with regards to the new international trends in the field of furniture, resulting in a strictly qualitative selection of products from the largest Greek and foreign houses. At the same time, the company's creative team proposes solutions that are both functional and aesthetically perfect, so that consumers always find what they are looking for for their modern home.

Modern showroom: 25is Martiou, 95, Tel. 24630 23400
News classic showroom: 25is Martiou 86, Tel. 24630 23764